An All-Out Brawl Broke Out Over Cheesy Garlic Knots At A Florida Pizzeria

You may have heard of the "Florida Man" trope of male criminals committing bizarre crimes in Florida... but this time, it was three Florida men and a woman.

A dispute over garlic knots resulted in complete pan-dough-monium at a Florida pizza joint.

An all-out brawl broke out at the Palm Coast Pizzeria in Daytona Beach after an order of garlic knots arrived with melted cheese on top. According to the Flagler County Police Report, 25-year-old Jessica Conti was so outraged by the presence of cheese atop her garlic knots that she "demanded her money back" and was angered when the cashier put her money down on the counter in what she called a "disrespectful manner."

That's when Vincent Conti, 23, Hareem Jones, 26, and Shawn Cody, 32, arrived on the scene and began ransacking the pizzeria, knocking over a fax machine and the cash register, and destroying pizza boxes and food in the process. At one point, one of the perpetrators threw a glass vial of parmesan cheese at a TV screen, damaging it in the process.

All four were arrested with burglary and criminal mischief. It is unclear whether they've hired lawyers or if they were allowed to finish their garlic knots.