After Tremendous Fan Support, Fresno Grizzlies Contemplate Permanent Change to ‘Fresno Tacos’

Nearly 1,000 ‘Tacos’ hats were sold in the first two days, compared to 16 Grizzlies hats in the last three weeks

The minor league team’s nickname has taken on a powerful life of its own.  

After announcing that the team would make a special appearance as the “Fresno Tacos” during the upcoming Taco Truck Throwdown on August 6 — an annual event celebrating “Central Valley taco culture” — fan support has been so strong that the Fresno Grizzlies might have to consider a permanent name change.

“We've received orders from all but nine U.S. states, plus Canada, New Zealand and South Africa,” general manager Derek Franks told “We've already had to reorder our original supply.”

Within the first 50 hours of the announcement, fans ordered nearly 900 “Tacos” hats. By contrast, the team has sold a mere 16 Grizzlies hats since the beginning of July. In the team’s online store, customers have been advised that “orders containing the Taco Logo” are in high demand and delivery may take up to eight weeks.  

The team never intended for the nickname to get so powerful, but money talks. The Grizzlies’ management is now reportedly in talks to consider permanently embracing the new nickname.


At the very least, we think the team should consider adding the “Tacos” jerseys to their regular wardrobe, perhaps to show their pride during away games.