After Editorial Upheaval, Modern Farmer Magazine Is Back with a New Approach

The small but popular Modern Farmer magazine is back with a new image after edit staff walked out

Crops and donkey cams: back with a vengeance? 

Modern Farmer, the small-but-mighty agricultural-themed magazine that was praised for its innovative content, is back after major editorial upheaval. In January, the future of the young publication looked grim after the entire full-time editorial staff walked out, including the editor-in-chief.However, Modern Farmer’s lifeline turned out to be Sarah Gray Miller, former editorial head at Country Living, who was hired as editor-in-chief at the end of January to replenish the edit staff.

Now that the quirky magazine is back, it will instate a new content approach, according to The New York Times. The magazine will go back to its roots, promising “less hipster stuff” and more true agricultural content like “products picked by farmers, not fashion editors.” The new issue includes features on the dangers of too much phosphorus and how to save tomato seeds. This could mean that there will be no more adorable donkey cam (sadly).


“If you are a passionate foodie, there is more for you, and if you want to farm, there is enough there, too,” Miller told The New York Times.