Activists Release ‘Biblical-Like’ Swarm of Cockroaches and Locusts Into London Restaurant

After immigration officials rounded up dozens of workers at a London restaurant, activists retaliated by releasing insects

The total damage was 14,000 crickets, locusts, and cockroaches.

Byron Burger, a burger chain in London, received some serious vigilante repercussions after calling a series of staff meetings that turned out to be an anti-immigration sting. In total, 35 employees were arrested and 25 illegal immigrants were deported at 12 Byron burger locations across the city.

Protests are ongoing, but in response, Huck Magazine’s editor received a tip-off from a mysterious phone number: “8000 locust, 2000 crickets, 4000 cockroaches. See you tomorrow night.”  Then the next day, with the media sufficiently warned, activists released the exact number of creepy-crawlies into one of the chain’s locations.

“We’re taking direct and affirmative action against Byron Burger to protest their treatment of migrant workers,” a protestor told the staff at Huck Magazine. “We’re sending a message to companies like Byron that they shouldn’t entrap their workers. The treatment of these people is undignified, and enough is enough.”


As Huck Magazine pointed out, however, it was the staff who ended up having to clean up the mess amongst the chaos of shrieking customers, not the upper echelon who caused the controversial immigration sting.