86-Year-Old Woman Thwarts Thief With a Packet of Bacon

Incident took place at a supermarket in Altrincham, England

Thief tried to rob woman after she withdrew a large sum of cash from an ATM.

Bacon to the rescue.

On Monday afternoon, an 86-year-old woman withdrew a large sum of money from an ATM before going into a supermarket in Altrincham, England. She was confronted by another woman who allegedly demanded the money from her and grabbed her trolley, Manchester Evening News reported.

The Greater Manchester Police Trafford South posted about the incident on its Facebook page: “Whilst shopping, the lady was challenged by an unknown female who grabbed her trolley and demanded the money she had withdrawn. The 86 year old lady then defended herself by repeatedly hitting the female offender over the head with a packet of bacon. The offender then retreated and made off from the supermarket.”

CCTV footage of the incident was later released and shows that the police’s description of the incident was a bit overdramatic.


There is a clear confrontation between the two in the form of words being exchanged, but the “attacker” simply grabs the woman’s trolley for a brief moment before letting go and being swatted away with the packet of bacon.