This $225 Collaborative Dinner At The Chef's Counter At Saison Features An Enigmatic Sushi Chef

The Chef's Counter at Saison is one of the most expensive dinners money can buy in San Francisco. After executive chef Joshua Skenes' successful collaborative dinner series with relatively unknown sushi chef Jiro Lin (no, not that Jiro), the duo have announced a continuation of the project. Starting June 4, guests will be able to taste the American, as well as the Japanese, sides of the chef's table menu starting at $225 a plate (with an added $100 for wine pairings) five nights a week, Tuesday through Saturday.

With no pre-set menu, Skenes and Lin will spend each evening creating a culinary display for guests, who may eat as much or as little as they like. Sample dishes from Skenes include Saison reserve caviar and grilled seaweed bread, and broth of rockfish with thistles roasted "near the fire." From Jiro, you may see golden eye snapper and sea urchin sushi selections.

But, as the San Francisco Chronicle points out, curiously, no one seems to know who Jiro Lin is: after all, if you Google "Jiro: sushi chef," a certain other Japanese raw fish prodigy comes up. Although he's not a big name, chef Lin has been practicing his craft of making perfect sushi for 25 years. He does not have his own restaurant, but, rather, has quietly prepared rolls at Hamano Sushi in California since 2002. According to The Chronicle, Skenes asked him to do the collaboration after he enjoyed particularly impressive meal at Hamano Sushi. 

"Jiro and I have very similar philosophies when it comes to cooking," Skenes said in a statement. "Having him as a guest chef made me realize that it would be great to work together on a more consistent basis. We're looking forward to having a lot of fun."