1.4 Million People in India Were Served Meals During World Food Week

Feeding India set out to serve the hungry during World Food Week

Feeding India ensures that those in need have something to eat.

World Food Week took place in India from October 11 to 16 and many organizations became involved with the cause to fight hunger in the country. One organization in Delhi set out to serve meals to over 1.4 million people in need.

Feeding India is a non-profit organization that accepts food donations from caterers, restaurants, and hotels, as well as those who cook for their families. The meals were donated by volunteers, restaurants, corporates, and Individuals across the country. Volunteers pack and store these meals into containers, and then they are distributed to those who need hot meals.

“This project is very special. We want to feed wholesome meals to kids regularly so they can focus on their education instead of fighting for food, and we hope people will contribute to this cause.” Ankit Kawatra, foudner of Feeding India, told The Logical Indian.

Recently in Chennai, India, a 23-year-old woman created a food bank to feed homeless people to fight hunger, too.


The organization now aims to own a Magic Truck, which will allow them to cater a larger number of people. The Magic Truck will be able to donate nutritious meals to 1,000 people twice everyday. To help Feeding India fund a Magic Truck to donate even more meals to those in need, visit their website.