10 Things People Who Really, Really Love Cheese Know to Be True

It’s not even a lifestyle, it’s a calling
10 Things People Who Really, Really Love Cheese Know to Be True


Is there a Tinder for cheese lovers? If so, you could be the most eligible suitor. 

There are people who think of cheese as a nice food group, full of different textures and flavors, and then there are people who know that, without cheese, humanity would be less happy overall.

These are the people whose days can go from terrible to pretty decent with just the right piece of soft burrata, or the satisfying pull of perfectly melted cheese from a slice of pizza.

For the true turophile, there’s no such thing as “too much” cream cheese on a bagel — they better not see you wiping any of it off with a napkin — and they’ve never met a grilled cheese sandwich they didn’t like.

A macaroni and cheese recipe with four cheeses, you say? Why not five?

Does any of this sound like you? Here’s a checklist to find out:

You’d rather have a beautifully arranged cheese plate over flowers and candy any day.


Sunday brunch get at me. Cheese plate by @amandasplate #ThatCheesePlate

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You can add more cheese to absolutely anything. Grilled cheese? How about a grilled mac and cheese?


No word in the English language is more beautiful to you than the word “cheesecake.” It’s a cake made out of cheese, people.


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You know that people who would willingly choose a regular hamburger over a cheeseburger cannot be trusted.


Now that's a cheeseburger! #wagyu #cheeseburger #pickles #houseketchup #latergram

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If you show up at a party and there isn’t cheese, it’s not a party — it’s a waste of your time.


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You know you shouldn’t, but you could probably live on some combination of cheese and carbs for way, way too long.


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You’ve spent time on the Internet doing nothing but looking at pictures of cheese — for longer than you need to share with anyone.


You like French fries, sure. But why have regular fries when you can have cheesy fries?


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You know there's no wrong way to eat string cheese.



Dating someone who is lactose-intolerant requires serious soul-searching. Love is not love without cheese.