10 Tattoos for People Who Truly Love Avocados

You don’t really love avocados unless you have permanent proof on your body

For the love of avocados.

Everybody loves avocados. Forget the fact that they’re good for you (they‘re packed with nutrients) and that they’ve become an iconic breakfast and lunch staple of this decade in the form of avocado toast. Just consider that when turned into guacamole they’re one of America’s favorite party snacks.

Well some people have taken their avocado adoration to an eternal extreme, getting tattoos of these fruits that are native to Mexico and Central America, and now seem to be conquering the world.

We’ve seen some pretty outrageous food tattoos (including among others a scary-looking Pillsbury Doughboy, a complete breakfast on a bald head, and a “Popeyes” belly ink job), and also some pretty great ones like this epic bacon and doughnuts tat. But we have to admit that when we think about which foods might best lend themselves to tattoos, avocados weren’t one of the first things that came to mind.

Not only do avocado tattoos seem to be pretty popular but we’ve found that some people have gotten pretty creative with their designs. Here are some favorites that we spotted on Instagram.

1. For people who like words that rhyme.

The holiest of guacamoles.

2. For those who wear their heart on their sleeve.

If you don’t shape your avocados into a heart, do you actually love it?

3. For the hardcore guacamole lovers.


4. For couples who share an unfettered love for avocados.


Homer knows what's up AVOCAD'OH! #cosavocadoinnewyork

A photo posted by COSAVOCADO (@cosavocado) on

You’re my better half — literally.

5. For those who like cats just as much.

Oh, you like tabby cats? Well, avocats are better.

6. For Miley Cyrus.


Baby avi for baby @mileycyrus

A photo posted by Lauren Winzer (@laurenwinzer) on

Even the pop star professed her love for the fruit.

7. For people who like cuddling.


I finally got to do it! Let's Avocuddle! Thank you so much, sorry for hurting you. See you again

A photo posted by Matt Daniels (@stickypop) on

We can avocuddle, or I could just cuddle with an avocado. Doesn’t matter to me.

8. For best friends.


Fresh nails, fresh avos #avocadotattoo

A photo posted by eka (@ekapoo) on

Those broken heart necklaces that say “Best Friends” were great during your teenage years, but expressing your permanent love for avocados solidifies your friendship.

9. For vegans.

Avocados are fortified with healthy fats, Vitamin K, beta-sitosterol, and fiber. Best of all, they are vegan, so everybody wins!

10. For Californians.


Everyone knows Californians think their avocados are the best.