These 10 Hilarious Food Tweets Are Guaranteed to Crack You Up

We can all understand where these people are coming from

Which tweet do you relate to most?

No one has said that getting food has ever been easy, but we know it’s satisfying in the end.

Sometimes our worst moments happen when we want to order something quick from a fast food restaurant.

Sometimes we are not in the best mood because we are hangry.

Sometimes it's too far to get food, or they mess up your order. It's okay, we're all human and we're just looking for food to survive.


We found that these people on Twitter shared our sentiments.

  1. Wait, it’s already nighttime? I was waiting for it to be 10:30 a.m. so I can know when to leave this McDonald’s because they have all-day breakfast.
  2. Great, now what am I supposed to douse my Crunchwrap in, my tears?
  3. Deconstructed foods may be popular, but not when it comes to sandwiches.
  4. Sunday may be the day of rest, but not when I want a chicken sandwich.
  5. It’s the responsible thing to do.
  6. Isn’t this always the case? #thestruggleisreal
  7. Forever using an alias.
  8. Pizza is a lifestyle.
  9. Drive-thru was invented for a reason!
  10. I’m so sorry that I’m 10 minutes late, traffic to get my Baconator was the worst.