You Can Only Pay With Your Phone at This Particular Starbucks Store

Starbucks Headquarters in Seattle is testing a mobile-pay-only store with a pickup window instead of a long line inside

Swap long coffee lines for easy ordering and convenience.

The Starbucks mobile ordering feature launched in September 2015, but since then, customers have noticed that sometimes digital convenience is not nearly as convenient as they thought, and that long lines still awaited them once they went to pick up morning coffee ordered through the Starbucks app.

But now Starbucks is testing out mobile-ordering-only stores at its headquarters in Seattle. Any of the coffee chain’s more than 5,000 employees will be able to simply punch in an order on his or her phone and stop by a “walk-through” window to pick it up at either of the headquarters’ two internal cafes — all without having to wait on any line. If all goes well, this completely digital store design could go national.

“An early experiment, this first of its kind experience will be tailored specifically for convenience, and we expect to learn from this location,” an internal email reads, according to The Seattle Times.


Starbucks is also testing out another feature at its headquarters: the first high-end Reserve store. Starbucks’ Reserve coffee is made in small batches and is brewed using a variety of methods, including cold-brew. The new Starbucks Reserve store will open this fall.