You Can Rent Or Buy The World's Tiniest Irish Pub

It's adorable, it's about the size of a trailer, and it's stocked with beer. We're talking about Shebeen, and it just may be the world's smallest Irish pub. Based in Galway, Ireland, this pub on wheels is capable of bringing the party to you (you can rent it for weddings or private events), or you could buy your own custom-made model and permanently take your party on the road.

The Shebeen pub, advertised as "a little piece of Ireland in your backyard," is built as a replica of a traditional Irish pub and is decorated like a vintage country cottage, from the brightly-painted outside to the homey touches on the inside like the tiny sofa and Guinness signs hung on the wall. Included in the rent (or buy package) is a fully-functional bar with seating for 10 (stocked with beer and Irish whiskey, or you can stock it yourself), a sound system, LED lighting, and a power supply.

If you're already drooling about renting the Shebeen pub (and you happen to live in Ireland), it'll cost you a pretty penny: €750($847.63 USD) minimum per day, and €1250 ($1,412.71USD) for the weekend.