Woman Breaks Into Home To Enjoy A Nice Bath And A Bottle Of Wine

A 40-year-old woman, believed to be homeless, has been charged with home invasion by Michigan police after she reportedly broke into a local home to take a bath and enjoy a bottle of wine.

Earlier in the day, the same woman is believed to have broken into a bed and breakfast, perhaps to attempt a similar episode of rest and relaxation, but was quickly caught by a guest. The suspect allegedly assaulted the bed and breakfast guest and then fled.

Some time later, the woman resurfaced at a home in the area, where she ate food, drank wine, and topped it off with a nice bath. She then fell asleep, and was passed out when the homeowner found her around 4 p.m.

The suspect ran from the home, but police quickly arrested her not far from the scene of her self-made spa appointment. Police are seeking charges of assault, forced entry, and burglary.