Winnipeg IKEA Acquires Liquor License

The superstore furniture store that offers all you could possibly need and more now offers a small selection of beer and wine in their restaurant.

The Winnipeg store first applied for their license through the Liquor and Gaming Authority of Manitoba (LGA) in March 2015.

IKEA Canada spokesperson Madelaine Löwenborg-Frick told CBC News, "We know that, like at any other full-service restaurant in Winnipeg, some of our customers wish to have an alcoholic beverage with their meals."

According to the LGA, it is rare for retailers to serve alcohol. For IKEA, "[The purpose of the license] is to offer a more complete selection of beverage choices to our consumers," according to IKEA spokesperson Daevid Ramey.

With the acquisition of its liquor license, IKEA joins McNally Robinson Booksellers as the only retailers in Winnipeg to serve beer and wine in their dining rooms, an accomplishment worth raising a glass to.