This Is Why People Are Drinking Booze at Taco Bell

Wicker Park Chicago Taco Bell patrons share their thoughts on drinking at Taco Bell’s first-ever boozy spot

There are reasons why people are excited to pair a little tequila with their tacos.

It only took 70 years, but Taco Bell is serving alcohol for the first time ever. We documented this exciting news from the initial announcement to the day the first “wet” Taco Bell Cantina finally opened this June in Chicago’s Wicker Park.In case you missed it, they are serving beer, wine, and “twisted freezes” mixed with vodka, rum, or tequila. The flavors include a spiked version of Mountain Dew Baja Blast, Cantina Punch, and Cantina Margarita.

But what is it like to drink alcohol at a fast food restaurant, and why would you want to? Vice Magazine interviewed a bunch of Taco Bell booze enthusiasts to find out.

Customer Vincent Uribe, voraciously chowing down on a taco, said that the Taco Bell Cantina, “is everything I could have ever dreamed of.” Kayla Lopez, who scrapes together change to eat at Taco Bell, called tequila shots in a Baja Blast a “genius” move, and another customer called it a “Baja blessing.” Another customer complained that the drinks were too sweet, and he’d probably get beer next time.


And finally, an anonymous man said that now that the Cantina is open for business, it’s a good place to take a date.