Utah Woman Is Suing Starbucks, Claims She Was Given Cleaning Solution Instead of Coffee

This woman is seeking unspecified damages

Urnex is a cleaning solution used for coffee equipment.

A Utah woman is suing Starbucks, claiming that they served her cleaning solution instead of the beverage she ordered.

Cheryl Kingery ordered a drink from a Starbucks store in Clinton, Utah, on July 25, 2012. Kingery said she was served Urnex instead of the coffee she asked for, and unknowingly drank from the cup. She claims that physical damages sustained include nerve damage, esophagitis and other esophagus damage, burning mouth syndrome, ageusia (loss of taste), and erosion in her mouth.

Kingery is seeking unspecified damages in the lawsuit. Her economic losses as of now are $186,000 and future economic damages will be over $1.3 million. These amounts include medical expenses, household expenses, lost wages, and “other economic damages to be proven at trial.” Non-economic damages include severe and permanent injuries, pain and suffering, and emotional and mental distress.


Kingery claims in the lawsuit that Starbucks failed to take adequate steps to prevent injury “to its invitees,” or customers. A spokesperson from Starbucks told The Salt Lake Tribune, “The safety of our customers is our highest priority. We take this obligation seriously and are investigating Ms. Kingery’s claims.”