Utah Man Hospitalized After Chugging Eggnog Led to Lung Infection

Ryan Roche developed an infection after he shattered an office record for chugging a carton of eggnog

Ryan Roche spent three days in the hospital after he won an eggnog-chugging competition. 

Utah resident Ryan Roche was hospitalized after an eggnog-chugging competition during an office party led to a deadly infection that began in his lungs, reports The New York Daily News.

Roche spent three days in the hospital after he shattered the previous contest record of 22 seconds by drinking an entire carton of eggnog in 12 seconds. Upon finishing, “Roche said he immediately knew there was a problem.”

Hours later, Roche went to the hospital and was placed on antibiotics and an IV. Over the next three days, an infection caused by having breathed in the eggnog took Roche through cycles of fever and chills. “It was like every hour on the hour it would change,” Roche told The Daily News.

The incident turned Roche into a minor celebrity at the hospital. The eggnog champion told the publication, “I can't tell you how many doctors or nurses would walk into my room and say, ‘Eggnog, huh?’ Then they'd say, ‘Well, at least you won.’”