Unilever Is Making A Single-Serve Brewing System for Lipton Tea

It’s being called the “Nespresso for tea” and is made by Lipton
Lipton Tea


Now there is a machine to brew single-serve tea

Unilever is making a single-serve machine to brew Lipton tea.

It’s described as the Nespresso for tea called T.O. by Lipton. This tea brewing machine went on sale in France on September 14 and is being manufactured by Krups.

The teas will be sold in single-serve pods, just like K-cups for Keurig machines or Nespresso capsules. T.O. by Lipton will cost about 179€, which is about $202. This is one of the first single-serve machines for tea only.

Last week, Keurig released a new line of single-serve Campbell’s soup in K-cups. Customers can make either Homestyle chicken broth and noodle soup or Southwest chicken-style broth and noodle soup. Other brands like Nestlé have machines such as the Special.T to make single-serve baby formula.


Paul Polman, CEO for Unilever, told Bloomberg back in July that Lipton is not doing as well as it is capable of. Reported revenue for the tea brand was $5.5 billion euros for the first half of the year.