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The UK’s Gin Industry Is Booming With Increasing Export Demands From US

Exports of gin to the U.S. have increased by 553 percent in the last decade

Jacob Lund / Shutterstock

Gin from the United Kingdom reaches 139 countries all over the world.

Gin has been in high demand all year long in the United Kingdom, with increased sales within the country and increased exports to the United States.

Sales for the premium product were up by 19 percent in 2016 in pubs, bars, and restaurants in the U.K. and up by 13 percent in shops, supermarkets, and off licenses, Beverage Daily reported.

Three out of four bottles of exported gin come from the U.K., with the highest demand coming from the U.S., Canada, Spain, and Germany.

“UK gin brands have benefited from America’s love for hit shows like Downton Abbey and the James Bond franchise: helping to sell £159 million [$200 million] worth of British gin to the U.S. in 2015,” the Wine and Spirit Trade Association told Beverage Daily.

The government has also cut excise tax on duty, which Miles Beale, chief executive of WSTA, said has boosted the gin industry’s business.

“Following the cut in spirits duty in the 2015 budget, spirits duty income increased on the previous year by £125 million [$158 million] (+4.1%) from April 2015 to March 2016 inclusive,” Beale told Beverage Daily.


“The UK spirit industry is one of the most heavily taxed in Europe: with 76 percent of a bottle of spirits accounted for by tax, the fourth highest duty rate for spirits in the EU.”