Two Mechanical Engineers Have Created the Ultimate Beer Pong Cup

Hexcup, a hexagonal beer pong cup, is still in its Kickstarter phase

Photo courtesy of Hexcup

Hexcups offer increased durability and do not move during play.

For those that are serious about their beer pong, mechanical engineers William Heimsoth and Aaron Attebery have developed what they call the “world’s best beer pong cup”: Hexcup. Heimsoth and Attebery claim the Hexcups provide perfect reracks in a quarter of the time with no gaps, no ‘ghosting’ (when traditional cups move when placed on a wet surface), and exceptional durability.

The patent-pending shape of Hexcup breaks the surface tension of liquids on tables to prevent ‘ghosting.’ Hexcup features a honeycomb-inspired design, allowing for users to have perfect reracks and create unique reracks because of the distinctive shape. Hexcups are made from a durable plastic that is top-rack dishwasher safe, and are considered to be reusable.

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Hexcup is still in its Kickstarter phase and has raised over $34,000 of its $50,000 goal with 19 days left. Early backers receive rewards depending on the donation size, from a set of Hexcups (22 Hexcups and three Hexcup-branded balls) for a pledge of $15 or more to two sets of Hexcups, and two Hexcup koozies, all delivered inside a custom beverage bucket for a pledge of $45 or more.