‘Toaster Pastry’ Isn’t a New Breakfast Item, It’s a Pop-Tart-Inspired Beer

We still don’t know which flavor of Pop-Tart the beer is inspired by, however
‘Toaster Pastry’ Isn’t a New Breakfast Item, It’s a Pop-Tart-Inspired Beer

Photo Modified: Flickr/poolie/CC 2.0

Autumn must be the season of breakfast beers. 

First Wheaties beer showed up, then even Count Chocula got in on the craft beer action, courtesy of Black Bottle Brewery.

Now, San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Brewery is getting ready to release — on August 29 — an India Red Ale inspired by Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts, and it’s called Toaster Pastry.

What’s more, not only does the brew bring breakfast beers to a new level, but because the space was once a Kellogg’s plant that manufactured Frosted Flakes and Pop-Tarts, Toaster Pastry will also honor the history of its home.

Toaster Pastry will be 7.6 alcohol by volume and will be available in 19.2-ounce cans during the fall. We don’t know much more about the Pop-Tart-inspired beer, but given that there are so many different Pop-Tart flavors, there’s lots of room for expansion for the brewery as well.

It’s not clear whether this boozy celebration of the Pop-Tart is indeed a collaboration with Kellogg, or if the smell of Pop-Tarts past made this idea impossible for the brewers to ignore. 

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