You won’t be too surprised to find so many of these on the West Coast.


These Are the Best Cities in America to Get a Cup of Coffee

WalletHub details the top 20 cities with the most coffee shops and the cheapest cups per capita, for National Coffee Day

Whether you’re a Starbucks fan, Dunkin’ aficionado, or prefer a local café, most of us have strong opinions on coffee. Just in time for National Coffee Day today, WalletHub detailed the top 20 cities in America to get a cup of joe.

Wallet Hub used 12 key metrics including number of coffee shops per capita, the average price of a cup of coffee, and the amount of times coffee popped up in a Google search. The No. 1 city for a cup of coffee is Portland, Oregon, followed by Seattle — the unofficial coffee capital of America — while Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, and Orlando, round out the top five.

Here are the rest of the cities, ranked:

  1. Portland, Oregon
  2. Seattle
  3. Minneapolis
  4. Pittsburgh
  5. Orlando
  6. San Francisco
  7. New Orleans
  8. Madison, Wisconsin
  9. Cincinnati
  10. Scottsdale, Arizona
  11. Oakland, California
  12. St. Louis
  13. Tampa, Florida
  14. Atlanta
  15. Boise
  16. Anchorage, Alaska
  17. Denver
  18. Reno, Nevada
  19. Honolulu
  20. Miami
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The same survey found where the cheapest pack of coffee was (Hialeah, Florida), where the most expensive cappuccino was (San Jose, California), where there’s most coffee shops per capita (San Francisco), and where there’s the fewest (Fort Worth, Texas).