There's A New Crackdown On Sexist And Offensive Beer Labels

Before it became mainstream, craft beer was something of a rebellious drinker's territory. With that rebellion came a whole slew of beer names and labels that were more suited to biker gang parlance than to hipster bar culture. But the days of offensive, lewd, and sexist beer names and labels are coming to an end thanks to a new initiative by the Brewers Association.

The trade group made the announcement at the Craft Brewers Conference this week that breweries that use offensive or sexist names will be banned from celebration at the World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Fest awards and medals. The breweries will still be able to make the beer they want and enter competitions but will not be announced or allowed to advertise their awards, according to Brew Bound.

Some examples of offensive beer labels — past and present — include Pig's Mind Brewing PD California Style Ale (where PD stands for "Panty Dropper"), Flying Dog Pearl Necklace Chesapeake Stout, and SweetWater Happy Ending Imperial Stout.

"We want our members to be responsible corporate citizens," Brewers Association president and CEO Bob Pease said at the conference. "It's not going to be black and white. There's a subjective element to that, and the Association, we're going to find ways to be inclusive. ... But it's gonna be sticky. It's going to be hard."