Texas Might Start Offering Coupons For Beer And Wine Sales

If you've ever bought a bottle of wine with a coupon, consider yourself lucky: it's not legal everywhere. Texas is one of multiple states that ban coupons with alcohol sales. However, Texas may soon allow liquor deals. Retailers, led by Kroger, testified in front of the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission to argue for the reinstatement of a law that would allow coupons for beer and wine, according to KHOU News, Houston's local news station.

"Couponing on beer and wine products is good for the customer," said Kroger spokesman Gary Huddleston. "It provides a value for them, and it also allows them to try a new product they may not have thought about trying, because there's a coupon."

But not everyone is so keen on the idea. Unlike coupons on other food and drink products, retailers, instead of manufacturers, would have to absorb the costs of the discount, leaving mom-and-pop liquor stores at a severe disadvantage.

"We have been considering amending the rules regarding coupons since around January of 2015," said Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission spokesman Chris Porter in a statement. "In that time, we've held multiple stakeholder meetings to get feedback from concerned citizens, retailers, and manufacturers."

No decision has yet been made.