Surge Soda Is Officially Back in Select Stores

After much effort to bring back the citrus soda, Coca-Cola has finally listened

Surge is now sold in select states and Amazon Prime Pantry.

Surge soda has officially returned to store shelves.

Fans of the ‘90s citrus soda will be thrilled to see this beverage back in stores after Coca-Cola discontinued it in 2003 due to a decline in sales.

According to Surge’s website, the soft drink can be found in stores starting September 7. It is currently available in parts of the East Coast and Midwest, but the site promises that more stores and independent resellers will be added soon.

Throughout the years, Surge fans have expressed their love for the soda and looked for ways to convince Coca-Cola to resurrect it. In 2013, someone created a Facebook group called SURGE Movement; seeing how much support the page received, Coca-Cola released a limited number of Surge sodas on Amazon in 2014. The entire supply was sold out on the first day of sales, even though the sodas cost $14 for a 12-pack of 16-ounce cans.


Surge is still available in limited quantities at Amazon Prime Pantry.