Storm Brewing’s Glacial Mammoth Extinction Is a Once in a Lifetime Creation

Ten $1000 bottles made of hand blown glass are adorned with prehistoric mammoth ivory pendants

Glacial Mammoth Extinction is 25 percent ABV, making it a beast of a beer.

James Walton, brewer, owner of Storm Brewing in Vancouver, and self-proclaimed mad scientist, was on a mission to create the strongest beer in the world. The fruits of his labor: Glacial Mammoth Extinction.

Walton told Vancouver Sun, “I was trying to make the strongest beer in the world… and it turns out that wasn’t the best idea in the world because the ones that are really, really strong don’t taste very good. So I went just as far as I dared.”

Walton began with a batch of Storm Brewing’s Imperial Flanders Sour Ale and subjected it to temperatures of around minus-30 degrees Celsius. As he cooled the mixture, ice began to form inside the tank, reminding Walton of a glacier and inspiring the final name of the beer. “Mostly you are freezing out water… and then what is left is sugars, flavours and alcohol. Sounds like the perfect idea… those are all the things that I like,” he said.

The resulting beer is, “a rich, complex, and viscous 100% malt beverage that resembles Port more than beer,” according to the website. As if the beer wasn’t special enough, 10 $1000 bottles were designed and made of hand blown glass, each adorned with “one of a kind prehistoric mammoth ivory pendants.” The ivory is estimated to be 35,000 years old, and each pendant is complemented with a 14K gold clasp.

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For those wishing to try Glacial Mammoth Extinction without the elaborate packaging and hefty price tag, Storm Brewing is offering 500ml growler fills for $40, one-liter growler fills for $80, and one-ounce tastes for $5. Walton and team hopes visitors enjoy their “once in a lifetime creation.”