Starbucks Will Soon Start Serving Ice Cream in Their Coffee

Starbucks will begin serving their version of an affogato, an Italian treat of espresso poured over a scoop of vanilla gelato

Affogatos finally come to mainstream America.

Starbucks serving ice cream? A-ffo-gat-about it! The largest coffee chain in America will begin serving ice cream at 100 locations in Orange County, California, to test out their version of the Italian affogato (literally “drowned”), traditionally a scoop of ice cream anointed with espresso, like a caffeinated sundae. A version called the Cold Brew Malt will be made with Starbucks' Narino 70 cold brew and chocolate bitters, according to Business Insider.

More expensive versions of this affogato will be served at 10 of the upscale Starbucks Reserve bars in Los Angeles, Boston, and Washington, DC. The classic affogato is priced at $6, but the more elaborate Cold Brew Malt, which is made with small-lot cold brew, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate bitters, will cost you $8.50.


While the Starbucks affogato is new to most customers, it has actually been a part of the secret menu for years, albeit without actual ice cream. The secret menu version was made with crushed ice, espresso, vanilla, and almond syrup.