Starbucks Tests Out Curbside Pickup

In a continued effort to remove all possible barriers from getting that cup of Starbucks coffee into your hand, the chain is testing out curbside pickup at a store in Snoqualmie, Washington, Business Insider detailed.

With curbside pickup, coffee and food orders will be delivered straight to your car.

"Customers using the Starbucks mobile app to order and pay (apparently for this store only) can choose to have their order delivered to them curbside by a barista, so that they don't even have to get out of their car to get their order," wrote Nomura analyst Mark Kalinowski.

As this particular location does not have a drive-thru, customers previously had to park their cars and enter the store to pick up their orders. "We'll be curious to see how this one-store test fares and if other non-drive-thru Starbucks stores test out curbside pickup," Kalinowski wrote. 

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