Starbucks Pushes Plan To Bring In 20 More Customers A Day

If you think Starbucks lines are long now, wait until its newest plan starts taking effect — the company is looking to bring in 20 more customers per day at all locations in the U.S. this year.

The initiative, which is known within the company as "#20More," is one of the first led by the coffee chain's incoming CEO, Kevin Johnson, BuzzFeed reported.

Starbucks is looking to do more than just get more customers through the door. The company is also working on a plan — known internally as "#Simplify" — to make workflow behind the counter run more smoothly. This initiative will include adding more technology and increasing mobile ordering to assist with the suspected surge in transactions.

However, while mobile ordering may assist with quicker lines, there will likely be build-up at the pick-up locations. One of the company's proposed solutions is to use a digital order manager that will allow baristas to prioritize orders based on complexity and how long the order will take to complete.