Starbucks Offers First Prepaid Loyalty Card Where You Can Get Rewards Points Outside Of Starbucks

We're one step closer to owning a Starbucks credit card in our name. At its latest shareholders meeting this week, the coffee giant announced a new prepaid rewards card for loyalty customers: The first where you can earn rewards points both in and outside Starbucks.

According to Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, you'll be able to use your Starbucks card like a credit card anywhere that Visa is accepted and earn rewards "stars" toward free coffee and pastries in the process.

Many customers believe that this move is in response to the Starbucks loyalty program overhaul, which was criticized las month by members for not being user-friendly. Previously, people earned one star per visit, and received a free coffee or pastry after 12 purchases. Starting April 12, customers will earn two stars for every dollar spent, and will earn a free drink or pastry after 125 stars.

Schultz confirmed that with the new prepaid card, customers would not earn stars at outside vendors at the same rate as at Starbucks. The card will also not have service or legal fees and will only charge $5 for a rush card replacement or charge three percent for foreign transactions.