Starbucks May Be Releasing A Sparkly Unicorn Frappuccino

Are you really tired of the sparkly rainbow edibles and drinkables that have been littering your social media feeds? Hold on, there's more magic coming. Rumor has it, Starbucks is coming out with a unicorn Frappuccino.

Although it has not been officially announced yet, photos have leaked online and the drink looks decidedly colorful.

It looks like it costs $4.75 for a Grande and contains some mysterious amalgamation of pink and blue cotton candy-colored swirls with whipped cream, edible glitter, and ridiculous amounts of sugar. (There's probably some coffee in there somewhere too.) The drink was also posted on the Starbucks subreddit but looks a lot less pretty here. Apparently the entire thing is made with magical "pink powder," which gives the drink its distinctive hue.

The Daily Meal has reached out to Starbucks for more information on the item.