This Spy-Themed Pop-Up Bar Makes You Crack Codes To Order Cocktails

Grab your magnifying glass and your best disguise — the game is afoot! There's a spy-themed popup bar in London that makes you crack top-secret codes to order your cocktail. By combining the mystery and puzzle-solving of an Escape the Room experience and the trendy exclusivity of many other kitschy themed bars (there is, after all, a 7,000-person waiting list), The Bletchley in London sounds like one heck of an experience.

The Bletchley — named after the headquarters of the famous World War II codebreakers — will only be open this week. Once inside, codebreakers will be given secret spy names and will use World War II-era cipher machines and puzzles to crack codes, à la Alan Turing in The Imitation Game or Sherlock Holmes in "The Adventure of the Dancing Men." Once your patriotic duty has been completed and your life-saving code answers sent over the radio waves, mixologists will prepare a cocktail for you based on your personality, tastes, desires and — presumably — how well you do in the initial test.

Join the throngs of eager wannabe spies by putting your name on the waiting list here. Tickets cost £30 per person ($37 USD) and include three drinks.