Southern California Starbucks Barista Creates Epic Frappuccinos Using Girl Scout Cookies

Creations include a Samoas Frappuccino, a Thin Mint Frappuccino, and a Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccino

Girl Scout cookie creations are but another example of Starbucks barista innovation.

A Starbucks barista in Southern California had the genius idea of incorporating Girl Scout cookies into custom Frappuccino creations.

A FoodBeast editor recounts a recent Starbucks visit in which a barista told him that if he brought in some Girl Scout cookies, “some crazy Frappuccino mashups were definitely possible.” He complied, and the barista created three unique Frappuccinos: Samoas Frappuccino, Thin Mint Frappuccino, and Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccino.

The Samoas Frappuccino starts off with a Caramel Frappuccino base with Samoas blended in and a few pumps of mocha syrup to add more chocolaty flavor. It is topped with chopped Samoas and a caramel drizzle.

For the Thin Mint Frappuccino, matcha powder is used to give the drink a green, minty color, and Thin Mint cookies, peppermint syrup, and java chips are added to the mix for flavor. Crumbled Thin Mints are sprinkled over top.


Lastly, the Strawberry Shortcake Frappuccino utilized Shortbread cookies, which were blended into a Strawberry Crème Frappuccino with hazelnut syrup. Crumbled Shortbread cookies were added over top for good measure.