Made from citrus, artificial coloring, and the sweat of food writers who just want this unicorn trend to die already.


Someone Bottled ‘Unicorn Tears’ and It Looks Like Sparkly Listerine

Bottled Unicorn Tears does not actually contain alcohol, but people say it tastes like a cocktail mixer

Dapper Coffee, a café in Singapore, created a bottle of “Unicorn Tears,” which does not contain any alcohol or caffeine but does have the color and luminosity of the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio. So, for $10 a bottle, you too can drink the bodily fluids of an imaginary creature.

It is supposedly sweet and tastes faintly of lemon, according to Cosmopolitan. Dapper Coffee won’t reveal exactly what the bottled stuff is made out of, insisting that it’s “100% tears of joy" from “Sparkles,” their pure-bred Mongolian Unicorn.

 Well, at least they didn’t make the mythical creature cry of sadness.

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This is just the latest colorful, glittery, ingestible product with a “unicorn” label slapped on it. But is it the last straw? Unicorn Tears seems to be a runaway success (at least on social media), so we may have to ride the unicorn-and-rainbow-themed edibles wave for a while longer.