The Secret to a Perfect Cup of Coffee? This Water

Aquiem is formulated with the perfect blend of essential minerals to enhance the taste of coffee

As coffee is mostly made up of water, many professional roasters stress the importance of water on the overall coffee-drinking experience.

There is now water that is specifically made for coffee: Aquiem.

But this is not a ridiculous, unnecessary, asparagus water-like creation. Since coffee is mostly made up of water, spending money on expensive coffee beans and machinery is a bit of a waste if you don’t also invest in high-quality water.

“Higher-end coffee drinkers are spending more and more money on high-end coffee beans,” said Rob Vidacovich, co-founder of Aquiem. “They’re spending an enormous amount of money on the equipment to grind it and to brew it, and yet it’s 98 percent water and they don’t have the appropriate chemistry of water to get the value that they’re trying to get. They’re definitely not getting the best cup of coffee that they can possibly get.”

Aquiem is “water that has been purified to zero mineral content, then combined with a precise and purportedly ideal recipe of minerals and other components,” Daily Coffee News detailed. These minerals and chemicals “specifically enhance the flavor, the aroma, and the consistency of the coffee,” Vidacovich said.


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