Samuel Adams Launches Three Nitro Beers

Nitro White Ale, Nitro IPA, and Nitro Coffee Stout will be available in 4-packs of 15-ounce cans beginning in February

Nitro beers use a combination of nitrogen and carbon dioxide for smaller bubbles and a rich, creamy texture. 

After three years of experimentation, Samuel Adams is releasing the first three brews from the Samuel Adams Nitro Project: Nitro White Ale, Nitro IPA, and Nitro Coffee Stout, according to a release. Though nitro beers are commonly associated with stouts, the Nitro Project experimented with nitrogenating a variety of styles. The company also saw an opportunity in creating a nitro beer that could be enjoyed in can form, something virtually nonexistent according to the release.

Nitro beers are distinguished by the incorporation of a combination of nitrogen and carbon dioxide in the brewing process to carbonate the beer, rather than only using carbon dioxide. As nitrogen is mostly insoluble in beer, the resulting bubbles are smaller, creating the rich, creamy texture signature to nitro beers. Traditional beers, in comparison, have larger bubbles and a more pronounced acidity and carbonated texture.

Nitro White Ale is available nationwide on draft. All three nitro varieties will be available in four-packs of 15-ounce cans beginning in February.


Jim Koch, Samuel Adams founder and brewer, says “We started experimenting with nitro beers in the mid 1990's when we brewed a Boston Cream Ale and over the years, I'd estimate we brewed more than 50 beer styles and worked with 200 recipes to ultimately create these three unique beers. We quickly discovered that you can't just put any beer on nitro. We needed to develop recipes where nitrogen was the unexpected fifth ingredient and brought out the desired flavor profile of the brew.”