Restaurant Manager Prevents Intoxicated Woman From Driving Away with Infant in the Car

The manager had intended to help the woman call for a ride when she noticed a baby in the customer’s car

The woman had been to several other bars in the area before reaching Louie’s. 

Employees at Louie’s Bar and Grill in Oklahoma City may have prevented a grave automobile accident involving a mother and her child when, upon noticing that a patron appeared too drunk to drive, a restaurant manager walked her outside to call for a ride.

When they got to the woman’s car, the manager was shocked to allegedly find an 8-month-old baby in the car. When the manager tried to take 33-year-old Catherine Durham’s car keys, she reportedly “became aggressive” and pulled the employee’s hair.

Durham will probably regret that decision later when she sobers up and realizes that someone saved her life, and her child’s life.

Restaurant staff then contacted the police.

Witnesses in the area also allegedly stated to authorities that the woman had visited several other bars in the area before going to Louie’s, where she “suddenly became very intoxicated after two drinks,” according to local news station KFOR.

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Durham was subsequently arrested for child endangerment, and the infant was placed in protective custody.