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Replace Negativity With Puppies on Your Feed With Brita’s New Campaign

Out with the hate and in with GIFs of campaign spokesman Stephen Curry playing with puppies

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The campaign officially kicked off on April 6.

Brita and Cybersmile

This week, water filter company Brita teamed up with the nonprofit Cybersmile Foundation to launch a campaign that aims to help others welcome positivity and weed out negativity on social media.

For the “Filtered Life” campaign, the company has created a “Filter Your Feed” tool that looks for negative or hurtful words on your Twitter feed and allows you to replace them with positive ones, according to the press release. However, the tool can only be applied to outgoing, not incoming, tweets.

“Through our work with the Cybersmile Foundation, we hope to make the digital world a safer space for all to enjoy, so we can filter out the hate and enjoy the great things about the internet,” Tad Kittredge, director of marketing for Brita, said in a statement.


Cybersmile will donate $1, and up to $20,000 total, for every negative tweet deleted or positive post created using “#FilterYourFeed.”