Red Stripe Sued for Misleading Consumers Into Believing Product Is Brewed in Jamaica


The company benefited financially from presenting the product as an imported one, the plaintiffs claim. 

A lawsuit has been filed against global beverage firm Diageo over the misleading label printed on its product Red Stripe, the “Jamaican Style Lager” which offers “the taste of Jamaica.”

Such phrasing is meant to mislead consumers into believing that Red Stripe is brewed in Jamaica, the July 29 lawsuit claims.

In fact, Red Stripe is brewed and bottled by the Red Stripe Beer Company in Latrobe, Pennsylvania — a clarification made in “obscure white text” which is “not easily noticed by consumers,” the suit alleges.

The lawsuit, filed in a federal court in San Diego, is a class action case representing all Red Stripe customers. The company is also accused of pricing the beer at significantly higher prices than other domestic beers, despite the fact that it is brewed in the United States from local ingredients.


This year, lawsuits have been filed against Anheuser-Busch InBev for similar complaints about the labeling of Beck’s and Kirin beers.