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Red and White Wine Go Head-to-Head in National Drink Wine Day Study

Spoiler alert: the study, which was conducted on Jan. 25, found that Americans prefer red

In case you needed another excuse to drink wine, National Drink Wine Day (Feb. 18) is rapidly approaching — but which kind of wine will be your beverage of choice?

National Today, the website listing one or more holidays (real or imagined) every day, conducted a survey involving 1,000 Americans that will help you decide: red or white wine.

For starters, the company found that 80 percent of Americans enjoy wine, whereas only 20 percent did not. Of the wine-lovers, 20 percent preferred red wine and 18 percent preferred white wine, but 11 percent preferred rosé over both.

According to the survey, the top five most popular types of wine are red (20 percent), white (18 percent), sparkling (13 percent), rosé (11 percent), and dessert (11 percent).

When it comes to favorite wine brands, Americans preferred Sutter Home the most (24 percent), with Yellow Tail coming in at a close-second (21 percent). Other wine brands of choice included Gallo (15 percent), Blossom Hill (9 percent), and Beringer (9 percent). 

But how much wine is too much wine? The study found that 12 percent of Americans said they have finished an entire bottle of wine by themselves.

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