Queens Psychic Who Uses Coffee to Read Fortunes Gets Huge Boost From ‘Real Housewives’

The mocha medium has been getting offers of up to $1,000 for a single reading, but she has no plans to sell out
Queens Psychic Who Uses Coffee to Read Fortunes Gets Huge Boost From ‘Real Housewives’

Photo Modified: Flickr/Nico Kaiser/CC 2.0

On ‘Real Housewives,’ the fortune teller was lauded for providing socialite Carole Radziwill with ‘the most specific information any psychic has ever said to me.’

Sema Bal, a Queens, New York, resident who works as a self-identified “Turkish coffee messenger” — or a psychic who tells fortunes by reading cups of Turkish coffee — led a relatively quiet business until she was featured on a recent episode of The Real Housewives of New York City.

“I like to get a little spiritual reality every now and then, and I heard about this Turkish coffee reader,” Radziwill told her fellow housewives, who joined her in her quest to find answers from beyond.

Bal, who made a number of predictions that resonated with her upscale clientele — including an important reference to a balloon — is now fielding $1,000 offers from clients begging for her to read their fortunes. Typically, a session with Bal costs $150.

However, the coffee clairvoyant says she has no intention of raising her rates, no matter how important the visitor. Bal also has no plans to be the next Long Island Medium.

Finally, Sema would like her newfound fans to know that she actually hates the word psychic. “Call me ‘the coffee whisperer,’” she told the New York Daily News

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