Protein-Fortified Beer Is the Brewski for Bros

This protein-packed beer will help you bulk up your muscles!

The Brewtein beer has seven grams of protein and Nutribeer has four grams.

Beer and “brotein” — two things that some men are obsessed with. When you combine them,you have found the epitome of bros (but of course, there are women out there who love beer and protein, too!).

Many men out there are obsessed with protein (the addiction can even be classified as an eating disorder) because it helps with both “bulking” and sculpting muscles. And, of course, most men love beer. So, brewing company Supplemental Brewing made a Kickstarter campaign to create this special beer rightfully dubbed Brewtein.

This protein-packed beer has seven grams of whey protein and 13 grams of carbs mixed into an American wheat ale. If seven grams of protein is too much for one bottle of beer, Supplemental Brewing is also making a Nutribeer, which is a classic light lager with four grams of protein, seven grams of carbs, and a hint of citrus flavors.


The Kickstarter notes that the beer is “where your workout meets your weekend,” so you don’t have to feel guilty about having a “cheat day” when you want beer. It’ll help with your gains, bro.