POW ‘Energy Water’ Is a Sparkling Alternative to Energy Drinks

This new energy water is launching in the UK

Former energy drink executives have created an energy water, an alternative to energy drinks.

The Powerful Water Company is launching POW, a new type of beverage that its creators describe as an “energy water.” Developed by marketers from Red Bull and Monster Energy and former Ocean Spray executive Ed Woolner, this sparkling water is a low-calorie, low-sugar alternative to energy drinks.

According to a press release, POW contains all-natural ingredients and comes in three flavors: coconut and lime, cranberry and apple, and citrus and zest. There is no confirmed date of when the energy waters, but the first rounds are slated to hit stores this August.

Woolner said that there was a need for a healthy energy drink — most of them contain an excessive amount of sugar. “Existing energy drinks are still high in sugar and artificial ingredients, so I wanted to create a product to fill the gap for a healthier energy drink that is cool, credible, and made from natural ingredients,” Woolner said.

The energy water is intended to appeal to health-conscious 18 to 30 year olds.


POW will only be available at Waitrose stores in the U.K. for now, but will expand to other stores in the U.K. and Ireland and potentially other countries.