Pepsi Takes Number 2 Spot in American’s Favorite Soft Drinks, Beating Diet Coke

As Americans continue to reject artificial sweeteners, Diet Coke sales have fallen considerably

Diet Coke had been the second most popular soda since 2010. (Photo Modified: Flickr/Lori L. Stalteri/CC 4.0)

As diet soda consumption continues on a decade-long decline, Pepsi has taken over the number two spot over Diet Coke for the first time since 2010, despite sales of Pepsi also continuing to slow down.

Unsurprisingly, Coke continues to be the most popular soda in the States, with sales nearly double that of Pepsi.

The change in beverage trends was first noted by in an annual report from Beverage Digest, with publisher John Sicher attributing the general decline to the growth of the competing energy drink sector.

As we’ve previously noted, however, a growing disinterest in soda has been closely monitored by public health advocates and major soda companies alike, leading to promises of significant cuts in calories.


The triumph of Pepsi suggests that Americans have grown wary of artificial sweeteners, like aspartame, sucralose, and stevia, among others. Diet Coke, according to Coca-Cola’s website, is sweetened with “a blend of acesulfame-K and aspartame.”