Soft drink companies are trying to alter their unhealthy reputations.

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Pepsi Aggressively Cuts Back on Added Sugar

PepsiCo has amped up its efforts to reduce sugar: Two-thirds of its soft drinks will have 100 calories or fewer by 2025

Following the rise (and eventual demise) of Diet Pepsi made without aspartame and the release of “craft” sodas made with natural cane sugar, PepsiCo is continuing its war against sugar crusaders.The soda company has promised that two-thirds of its soft drinks will have 100 calories or fewer by 2025, a step up from the company’s original promise of reducing sugar by 25 percent in certain drink markets by 2020, according to NBC News.

PepsiCo plans to achieve this goal by introducing more low-calorie and zero-calorie soft drink options and making over existing drinks.

Soft drink companies have had to evolve to changing consumer concerns and tastes in recent years. Diet sodas are falling out of favor, according to consumer reports, and this year, bottled water outsold soda for the first time.

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Earlier his month, the World Health Organization endorsed taxes on sugary drinks, an initiative that has already been passed or debated in multiple American cities.