Peet’s Offers New Blended Iced Coffee Made From Fresh Coffee

Peet’s has announced the arrival of Javiva: an iced coffee drink made with real coffee, as opposed to instant coffee
Peet’s Offers New Blended Iced Coffee Made From Fresh Coffee

Your favorite iced coffee beverage may not even be made from real coffee. Peet’s wants to change that.

You may be starting to get excited for the beginning of iced coffee season, but Peet’s claims that many of the leading retail coffee brands actually make iced coffee using “rehydrated instant coffee, flavored coffee syrups, coffee extracts, or concentrates.” Suddenly an iced mocha doesn’t sound quite so appetizing. But Peet’s has come out with a new, freshly brewed crushed ice coffee beverage called Javiva, a clever name that combines the words for coffee and life.

“We spent a year conducting research and optimizing recipes, and discovered that most of the leading blended iced coffee drinks from major U.S. coffee providers are not made with fresh brewed coffee,” said Tyler Ricks, chief marketing officer of Peet’s Coffee. “Peet’s has an unwavering commitment to roasting, brewing, and delivering the freshest coffee possible because fresh beans make better coffee.  We applied this truth to the development of Javiva, and while it is more expensive to use fresh brewed coffee, we never compromise our principles or cut corners.”

Dunkin’ Donuts Coolatas are made from a “coffee extract,” according to the New York Times. Starbucks, meanwhile, described their Frappuccinos as “a blend of soluble coffee made from 100 percent Arabica beans crafted specially for our Frappuccino beverages,” and added that customers can add shots of espresso for more coffee flavor. 

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