Pabst Blue Ribbon to Open New Brewery in Hometown of Milwaukee

The new brewery will be at the exact site where the Pabst Brewing Company was founded in 1844
Pabst Returns Home

Photo stocked Modified: Flickr/Valerie Hinojosa/CC 4.0

Pabst Blue Ribbon will be opening their Milwaukee new brewery in summer 2016.

Pabst Blue Ribbon recently underwent an ownership debacle when they were almost bought out by a Russian beverage giant, but things are looking up: the beer company will be opening a new brewery at the site of its original brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The new brewery is expected to open to the public next summer. It will feature tours, historical memorabilia, a tasting room, a beer garden, and a restaurant and bar, which will serve food and feature exclusive small-batch brews only available on-site.

Pabst was based in Milwaukee until 20 years ago, when the beer company relocated all operations to San Antonio. Eugene Kashper, chairman and CEO of Pabst Brewing Company, said in a statement:

“The launch of this brewery in Pabst’s original home represents a long-awaited return to our roots. Milwaukee is our home — the Pabst Mansion, the Pabst Theater, Pabst Farms, and this beautiful brewery complex — these are all part of Frederick Pabst’s amazing legacy, which we are honored to continue by returning to our hometown and birthplace.”

We’ve reached out to the Pabst Brewing Company for comment.

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