Order 'Sandlot'-Themed Cocktails Off A VHS Case Menu At This Pittsburgh Bar

If you love the '90s, baseball, and cocktails, there's a restaurant in Pittsburgh you won't want to miss. Smallman Galley has recently debuted its latest themed cocktail menu, and it's completely dedicated to the '90s classic movie The Sandlot.

Smallman Galley, a "launch pad for the best new restaurants" in the city, is no stranger to themed-menus and unique food concepts, as it hosts four different chefs, menus, and staff for 12 months at a time giving customers a taste of up-and-coming talent in the kitchen. In addition to different restaurant concepts, Smallman Galley also has a full alcohol selection and a coffee and espresso bar for customers to enjoy as well.

"Our original bar director named all of our opening cocktails after old-school hip-hop albums, which accidentally set into motion us only doing themed menus," Tim Garso, bar program director at Smallman Galley, told Food Republic.

For The Sandlot theme, drinks are presented on a VHS case with drink offerings such as "The L7 Weenie," made with Beefeater gin, port, guava, lemon, honey, and mint; and "Vincent's Drugstore," made with Singani63, Boomsma Cloosterbitter, Bauchant orange liqueur, and white vermouth.

"There's something very nostalgic about the sensory experience of holding and opening that type of VHS case," Garso said. "It's probably been a decade since most of us have picked up a VHS, but as soon as you hold that case, you're transported back to your childhood."