OMG, Oh My Grigio! You Can Now Order Wine via Text in the UK

Naked Wines announced a new texting-for-wine service where customers can order a case of wine simply by texting their request


Texting for wine: for when you’re too thirsty to go to the liquor store.

First there was tweeting for pizza, then an emoji-based food delivery company launched, and now we have texting for wine. What a world we live in. Naked Wines, a wine subscription company, has announced a new feature for their UK market called “texting for wine.”It’s exactly what it sounds like: Subscribers to the elite crowdfunding wine-delivery service will now be able to send a text to get their case of wine.

"Our text-for-wine service gives our customers a new, fast, and simple way of ordering their favorite wines,” said Naked Wine’s managing director Eamon FitzGerald. “Initial uptake has been very encouraging and it's easy to see this service being particularly useful for busy customers who don't have time or access to the website. Now these customers are only ever a text away from ordering a case of delicious wines."

Naked Wines is a little bit different than most wine subscription services. Users pay £20 (approximately $31 USD) for next day delivery, as well as a monthly service that allows them to save up money in a virtual piggy bank and fund independent wineries.


If the new service is successful in the U.K., it could be expanded to Naked Wine’s U.S. and Australian markets.