NYC Brunchers Rejoice: Boozy Brunch to Begin Before Noon on Sundays

Pending legislation will allow restaurants to serve alcohol before noon

If passed, this “brunch bill” will overturn a law dating back to Prohibition Era.

Here’s something worth raising a glass to: NYC brunch-goers are one step closer to being able to enjoy a glass of bubbly, or whatever their drink of choice, before noon on Sundays.

This so-called “brunch bill,” which state legislators voted in favor for last week, would allow restaurants and bars to begin serving alcohol to customers at 10 a.m., according to The Associated Press.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, who threw his support to the New York cider industry with over $56,000 in state funding, has been a key supporter for this bill.

He said in a statement, “The agreement to overhaul this state's archaic blue laws will knock down artificial barriers for restaurants and small businesses and help this industry grow even stronger.” Cuomo is expected to sign the legislation soon, and the law will go into effect 60 days afterward.

“Fans of brunch, soccer, football, holidays and all things Sunday-funday can now raise a glass to thank the governor, senate and assembly for their agreement to allow alcohol service starting at 10 a.m. on Sunday mornings," said Melissa Fleischut, president of the state Restaurant Association.

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